Response to Covid 19 Pandemic

Spring 2020

Hospitals were completely locked down to spiritual care from hospital chaplains this is including for end of life care. Due to was  heavy restriction of hospital visitors chaplains went to a virtual form of spiritual support and care through Skype, phone call, and Facetime.

Summer 2020 – Spring 2021

Bible deliveries and Prayer shawl ministries took place throughout the pandemic

that religious/spiritual care providers (clergy and chaplains) are considered an extension of the care team and can be present in addition to designated family member/support persons with physical distancing being maintained. This restores our ability to provide spiritual care to patients and family at the same time.
Congregational volunteer visitors will not be able to visit in facilities until the guidelines change again.

Jan 2020 – Voices from the Northern Saskatchewan Hospital Chaplaincy, January 2021 Video was released

To Watch video click here

Summer 2021

New guidelines about spiritual care through the hospital chaplains

To view the guideline documents click here

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