This Spiritual Care is for YOU…

Chaplain Lorna King
Chaplain Lorna provides spiritual care in Regina hospitals

Chaplain Lorna King is available to provide spiritual care in hospitals in Regina for United Church patients or residents and their families. Even though you or your family member may have been asked about your faith connections, that info doesn’t go anywhere in hospitals in Regina, unless you ask! You can ask nursing staff to contact the United Church chaplain for you. You can call the switchboard and ask them to contact the United Church chaplain. There is a Spiritual Care poster in each unit and beside each elevator with my cell number.

Or you can contact me on my cell phone (call or text) 1(306) 551-7755. If you are aware that someone from your church family is in hospital, please let me know.

Originally, the chaplaincy was intended to provide support patients from rural communities of faith. As I have responded to offer care I have found that many United Church people who have moved to the city from a rural community have not yet found a church home in Regina. So many of our nearby rural communities of faith don’t have a called or appointed minister in place. There have been times when I have been called to offer spiritual care for people who don’t have a connection with any faith community — I think it’s because the community sees our United Church as welcoming and accepting. During these CoVid times, I have been glad to visit on behalf of city ministers, too.

A New Creed begins and ends with the words, “We are not alone.” The chaplaincy in Regina and Saskatoon seek live out those words by our presence and our support for patients and their families in joys and sorrows that can be part of needing hospital care. Know that Saskatoon Chaplain Emily and I are available to offer spiritual care. Chaplain Emily Carr 1(306) 220-9964

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